Sunday, January 20, 2008

new news

well, it has been an eventful week, starting school, going back home for a late chirstmas celebration, dealing with the hecticness of the house...
mottie is dead. he passed about a week after we got him, from being so sick.
school is gonna be interesting, and busy and crazy. so i won't be around much. and (shame) i got a myspace, so that's also screaming for attention.
wish me luck this semester, with a class load of sciences and long courses, i'm gonna need it.

take care for now, ya'll!

Monday, December 31, 2007

second best xmas present ever

the best christmas present i have ever gotten was my engagement ring from trigger. sparkly and shiny, it was perfect

but the second best was this year, and i got a HAMSTER!!! he's gray and white and furry and cuddly and soooo cute.
his name is Damat.
from trigger's parents and brothers i got a house and food and bedding and a hamster ball and chewing blocks for him. and trigger got me a cage, complete with wheel and food dish and water bottle, and of course, Damat himself.
second best christmas present ever.

what did y'all get?

Friday, December 07, 2007

dishonest footwear

i looked around the quad and general campus the other day, and noticed, even in the middle of winter, a ton of dishonest shoes. what do i mean by dishonest shoes, you may ask?
i mean shoes in which the wearer is obviously uncomfortable. i mean shoes in which the wearer does not really feel like themselves. i mean shoes that lie to the world about who the wearer really is.
there are men who will say that wearing high heels is like lying, because in reality the girl wearing them does not have that posture, does not normally stick chest and ass out like that, and is not that tall. this is not quite what i mean, but it's closer.
for example, i have been known to strap on a pair of stilettos or some hooker boots for a night on the town. this does not mean that there is something wrong with me (in the context of this conversation) or that i lie to the world about who i am. there is nothing wrong with taking a night to have fun and be whoever you want to be.
but the people i see day after day on the quad wearing shoes that pinch or don't support or cause the wearer such pain that they look terminally constipated, seem like they're lying to the world.
my normal footwear is either a pair of combat boots that i'm working on breaking in, or my ankle-high harley biker boots. these boots have lasted me 5 years and are still going strong, with two new zippers and some polish. they are comfortable, i wear them to work for a 10-hour shift and when i go home, i'm not in hell. they show the world very clearly the kind of person i am - a little scuffed around the edges and not by any means fancy, but still tough enough to handle almost anything.
(in summer i wear beach walkers - the closest thing i can find to hiking sandals and still afford)
i can run in all of my normal shoes (or sandals), and often do. i can stand for hours at work or walk to class without having to limp, and i feel comfortable both in myself and around my feet in these honest shoes (or sandals).

so what kind of shoes do you wear?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

wee hee hee!

so at the last event, i got some fantastic pictures taken while my friends and i were doing a fire show. normally i look retarded spinning poi, like i have small fire balls orbiting me and i'm trying to tie myself in knots, but this guy has a special camera where he can hold the shutter open longer and so he got the whole pattern on a few shots, see:

no end of fun, i look so bad-ass!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School of Calm Lake

trying to be like a duck, letting everything just flow off my back.

I have worked all three days this past weekend, school monday through friday, and work all three days this weekend. shit.
but after that i have a break on sundays, where i will go to the school's quad and play with my friends in our battle games. yay for vacation.

was on the quad last night, saw a guy spinning fire poi.
(i'll try to post some of the pictures of me spinning mine.)
he had the chains connected together, with both flaming heads on one end. it looked pretty cool, he was wrapping the end around his limbs/body to change direction of swinging. i ran over to talk to him and it turned out he was a total freakin' idjit.
who uses gasoline as a fuel?!?!?! (side note - gasoline is worse for you to breathe in, and burns much hotter, is more explosive, is used by mouthbreathers.)

classes not going badly, in two sciences, both of which are fascinating. i'm boring the crap out of trigger with my rambling about what i learned in class.

glad to be not-home any more. my sister sent me a text message the other day - "is there a reason you have decided that i'm not worth talking to anymore? have i done something to upset you so you have decided to ignore me?"
... she hasn't called me in months, i always call her and if i want to get together, i have to drive to see her and my goddaughter, she never comes over to my house, even while her boyfriend has a car and a job for gas money.
meanwhile, instead of calling me, she just texts me, blaming me for not calling her, and does the usual when a friendship gets awkward, pushes me away.

but right, trying to be like that duck.

Monday, August 20, 2007


okay, short post:

finally back at school with my family and getting some nice peace and quiet. stalker count is up to one, but i don't think he knows where i am. missed first class because of traffic, but this semester looks promising.
very happy to be back.

How are all of you?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

quick summer post

well, haven't got much time but i figured i would stick my head up so ya'all know i'm still alive:

- still at walgreens (had an older woman come in the other day, with a broken card shuffler. she demanded that i take it apart and tell her what was wrong with it. when i told her i couldn't do that because i wasn't a mechanic, the crazy old bitch told me to go find a man so that he could do it. ... freakin' old people... and now part of my job will be training new managers, who make a schload more money than i do, at their job - most of whom would be unable to locate their own asses with both hands and a flashlight.)

- still engaged, same great guy (some good times, a few fights, one of which involved trigger smoking and drinking while i was in northern wisconsin, and caused a huge scene over the phone. we're still playing with fire all the time, with the addition of a fire staff, another set of fire poi, and some fire breathing.
and i still love him, so it's all good)

- still miss my family down south like hell, going to see them the 8th through the 16th, at a huge fighting event.

- still can't wait to shake the dust of this freakin' town from my boots.

hope everyone's summer is going well, kick back and enjoy the weather if it's good by you, and the air conditioning if it's not.